About us



Skilled Field is an IT consulting and professional services company that was established in 2016.

Located in Melbourne, Australia, we offer several services including IT automation, data analytics, consultancy and development for clients.

Our name comes from our dream of being a company where skilled professionals hone their talents and accrue knowledge and experience along the way.

Our Purpose

Skilled Filled was created for specifically one purpose; empowering individuals and bringing opportunities to light. The people we wish to empower are our clients and the people who work for us and with us. Skilled Field wants to give both the results and the experiences they need to progress and empower them with an environment that is conducive to their growth. What we want to do is create a working environment where both clients and professionals feel their voice is heard and their talents are appreciated.

The opportunities we wish to create are in similar vein. By making opinions heard and the talents honed, we wish to bring new ideas and new ways of working to the table. We prize innovation and believe that in our industry, innovation can be brought about and encouraged by ensuring that everyone is on the same page and brings what they have and know. Skilled Field’s purpose is to create such working environments and complete projects with this mentality, making sure that everyone is content during it all.

Our Promise

Along with creating a working environment that you will probably not find elsewhere, Skilled Field brings you several other promises as well. The services we offer are supported by the very best technology and backed by strategic partners that bring industry acclaimed standards and expertise to our work. With our highly skilled professionals and the unmatched support they have, Skilled Field brings you a service that has every aspect covered by the very best in the business and matches all your needs and does more as well.

Along with a supreme service that ensures quality over everything else, you get it while saving both time and money. Our team, utilizing the best technology in the business, works fast and brings you results far quicker than what you would expect. We meet each and every single deadline by finishing up our work well before you asked us to. Furthermore, the money we charge for consulting or services remains the same amount as agreed upon with clients. Skilled Field believes in full transparency and updates the client about every single expense. We promise to build relationships based on trust while meeting your interests with an unmatchable service.

The Director’s Message

Skilled Field was the brainchild of Mouaz Alnouri, the current director of the establishment. Mouaz is a highly experienced engineer who has been in the IT service industry for well over a decade. Having been a dedicated professional for years, Mouaz has spent a number of years working with major technology firms. Mouaz brings with himself an impressive resume that includes design, project management, problem solving, and experience with a number of technologies and industry practices. Speaking about Skilled Field, Mouaz had this to say:

At Skilled Field we strive to empower both our clients and our professionals to bring the greatest ideas to the table. We encourage innovation and understand that it’s a two-way quality that brings the best results when all concerned parties participate. By creating such an environment, we aim to bring about opportunities that give the very best returns to all participants. We wish to work with more people, hire more talented individuals, and offer a taste of our unique methods to more people. Skilled Field is here to stay and make sure that your ideas come to life.