Join Skilled Field Team

Anyone wishing to work with Skilled Field, in any capacity or any specific department, is advised to read our core values and our needs.

Core Values FIRST

The core values each and every professional at Skilled Field needs to uphold are as follows:

  • Focus

    One thing we do not expect our professionals to compromise on is their work. We advocate supreme focus on the tasks at hand, as well as a total collective effort to finish projects as soon as possible and as well as possible. At Skilled Field, our work is regulated by the three Fs; Finish, Focus, and have Fun. We do not want to have an environment that is lifeless and devoid of fun activities. We advocate for professionals to have as much fun as they want to in the workplace. However, for us, fun comes with focus on the work to get if finished.

  • Innovate

    Innovation is by far the most core value for a Skilled Field professional. We want our company to bring up new ideas and devise new strategies and processes. We do not just wish to bring new ideas in our work, but we wish to change the system by optimizing each and every aspect. And to do so, we expect our professionals to give us the support we require. Innovation is key at Skilled Field and we want you to help us bring about as much of it as possible.

  • Respect Everyone

    Skilled Field values one quality over all else. That is respect. Whether it be a client or your fellow workers, a Skilled Field professional is expected to be respectful of other people in any situation and at any moment. No bigoted or abrasive behavior is tolerated at Skilled. Skilled Field aims for a working environment where everyone feels included and valued regardless of who they are and where they come from, and we strive to uphold such a standard.

  • Satisfy Customers

    Skilled Field provides professional service for the customers and we aim to uphold a standard that values the customer in any situation. Each and every professional at Skilled Field needs to understand the importance of the customer. A customer’s importance does not mean simply recognizing the fact that we are working for them. Instead, people at Skilled Field need to understand that a customer’s needs and requirements hold precedence over everything else. So, they always do what is best for the customer.

  • Take Informed Decisions

    Skilled Field appreciates the quality of taking decisions. Our workplace is one where every single professional has a say in what goes on, no matter who they are. Therefore, we expect our professionals to make key informed decisions on matters. Deciding is a core value we want to see at Skilled Field, and the decisions we trust need to be well thought out ones. If any professional wishes to take things into their own hands and make their own decisions, we welcome their resolve, given that the thought well about the decision they are taking and can back up their decision.

Who We Are Looking For

Skilled Field is constantly on the look for new professionals. We recruit people throughout the year, offering careers to both seasoned individuals and entry level graduates. What we look for in applicants is quite simple; innovation, courage, knowledge, and moral responsibility. We want our professionals to take the reins and come up with innovative solutions. We want them to put the interests of clients at the forefront of every decision they make and every strategy they devise. Most of all, we want our professionals to have the courage to speak their mind and fight for what they want.

Contact us if you are interested to join us.